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stOrk - (Autographed by Shane Gibson)

Image of stOrk - (Autographed by Shane Gibson)


The self-titled debut CD

~~ Autographed by Shane Gibson
(Limited Quantities!!!!) ~~
*** Disclaimer: The shrinkwrap package will be opened! ***

stOrk is:
Shane Gibson (guitars, vocals)
Thomas Lang (drums)
Eloy Palacios (bass)

"stOrk" Track Listing:
1. Moonrock
2. Doooosh
3. Alien
4. Changing Lanes
5. Nautilus
6. Prelude In The Key of Shut The Hell Up
7. Loki
8. DucksInAPonD
9. Metal Fatigue
10. Asian Manipulation
11. Emo Village Pillage
12. Tripola

Temporary Unavailable for Sale.

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